Mold Removal Services in Lee’s Summit, MO

If you’ve spotted signs of mold in your home, don’t worry. You can call KC Mold Guys for quick and reliable mold removal services in Lee’s Summit, MO. We’ll eradicate the problem and ensure that your home is clean and comfortable.

Experienced Mold Inspection

Your house may have mold if you’ve had any sort of water damage. Signs of mold include a musty smell in affected areas, peeling wallpaper, and sometimes aggravated allergies. Sometimes, you can spot mold yourself, but often, it grows in out-of-the-way places, like inside crawlspaces, air ducts, and walls.

The team at KC Mold Guys is well-versed in looking for mold in these hard-to-reach areas. When you call us, we can give your home a thorough inspection to find any mold growth or problem areas.

Reliable Mold Removal

Once we’ve found anything that looks like mold, we’ll test it to confirm our suspicions. We want to ensure that we’ll provide you with the right solution. Once we know what we’re dealing with, our mold remediation team will clear out mold and clean the area. We’ll also disinfect and apply treatments to discourage mold from returning. We also can make recommendations to make your home less mold-friendly in the future.

No one wants mold in their house, so contact KC Mold Guys today if you suspect that you do. We proudly serve homes throughout the Lee’s Summit, MO, area.